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Snap locks, plastic with rotary knob

Snap locks, plastic with rotary knob

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DescriptionMaterial:PC/ABS.Version:Black, chromed, white or beige.Note:With their countersunk head, snap locks are designed for flush installation in doors, hatches and hoods.
The mounting bracket acts as a stop if there is no suitable locking surface present.

Flammability rating: UL94-HB.
Max. torque to tighten the nut: 4.2 Nm.
Type of operation:When not actuated, the knob is flush with the housing. When the actuating element is pressed, it springs out and the lock can be opened by turning to the left or right.
The door is latched automatically when pushed shut. Press the knob again to put it back in the unactuated state.
Application:- Automobile industry
- Medical technology
- Machine construction
- Boat and ship building
- Aviation and aerospace
- Furniture industry
Assembly:1. Create a mounting cutout as shown in the drawing.
2. Attach the mounting bracket.
3. Fasten from the back using the mounting nut.
Supplied withMounting nut and bracket are included with the supply.
Screws (M5) for the mounting bracket are not included with the supply.
Drawing reference:
1) Knob
2) Guide pin to prevent twisting
3) Door
4) Frame
5) Mounting nut
6) Housing
7) Mounting bracket
8) For guide pin (optional)
9) Cutout to prevent twisting (optional)
10) Mounting cutout
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1654 Snap locks, plastic with rotary knob 257 kB


Snap locks, plastic with rotary knob

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K1654.247400black284026,512405,216M32x1,53274747173,2261630,234 43.34 $ (USD)
K1654.247401chromed284026,512405,216M32x1,53274747173,2261630,234 65.24 $ (USD)
K1654.247402white284026,512405,216M32x1,53274747173,2261630,234 43.34 $ (USD)
K1654.247403beige284026,512405,216M32x1,53274747173,2261630,234 43.34 $ (USD)
Item No.Main
LL1L2L3L4TT1Temperature range
S = Door thickness
in mm
K1654.247400black39,8734,427,21518,5133310-30 to 601,2-19 43.34 $ (USD)
K1654.247401chromed39,8734,427,21518,5133310-30 to 601,2-19 65.24 $ (USD)
K1654.247402white39,8734,427,21518,5133310-30 to 601,2-19 43.34 $ (USD)
K1654.247403beige39,8734,427,21518,5133310-30 to 601,2-19 43.34 $ (USD)
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