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Spherical washers DIN 6319, edition 10/01

Spherical washers DIN 6319, edition 10/01

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DescriptionMaterial:Mild steel or stainless steel.
Style G high carbon steel tempered to HV 390 ±40.
Version:Steel version case hardened.
Stainless steel version bright, not hardened.
Note:Conical seat style G (available on request) should be used over slots.Drawing reference:
Style C: spherical washer
Style D: conical seat
Style G: conical seat for slots
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:
 Datasheet K0729 Spherical washers DIN 6319, edition 10/01 204 kB

Drawings (total overview)

Spherical washers DIN 6319, edition 10/01

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Item No.Style

screw Ø
Load rating
max. kN
(static load only)
K0729.105mild steelC5,2510,5-0,42--7,556,5 on request
K0729.106mild steelC6,412-0,72,3--969 on request
K0729.108mild steelC8,417-0,63,2--12817 on request
K0729.110mild steelC10,521-0,84--151026 on request
K0729.112mild steelC1324-1,14,6--171238 on request
K0729.114mild steelC1528-1,25--221453 on request
K0729.116mild steelC1730-1,35,3--221673 on request
K0729.120mild steelC2136-26,3--2720117 on request
K0729.124mild steelC2544-2,48,2--3224168 on request
K0729.130mild steelC3156-3,611,2--4130269 on request
K0729.136mild steelC3768-4,614--5036394 on request
K0729.142mild steelC4378-6,517--58-542 on request
K0729.148mild steelC5092-821--6748714 on request
K0729.156mild steelC58103-9,523--7956960 on request
K0729.164mild steelC66120-1227--93641269 on request
K0729.0106stainless steelC6,412-0,72,3--966 on request
K0729.0108stainless steelC8,417-0,63,2--12812 on request
K0729.0110stainless steelC10,521-0,84--151016 on request
K0729.0112stainless steelC1324-1,14,6--171224 on request
K0729.0116stainless steelC1730-1,35,3--221645 on request
K0729.0120stainless steelC2136-26,3--272071 on request
K0729.0124stainless steelC2544-2,48,2--3224105 on request
K0729.0130stainless steelC3156-3,611,2--4130191 on request
K0729.0136stainless steelC3768-4,614--50-- on request
K0729.0142stainless steelC4378-6,517--58-- on request
K0729.0148stainless steelC5092-821--67-- on request
K0729.205mild steelD610,59,25--2,13,1-56,5 on request
K0729.206mild steelD7,11211--2,84-69 on request
K0729.208mild steelD9,61714,5--3,55,6-817 on request
K0729.210mild steelD122118,5--4,26,3-1026 on request
K0729.212mild steelD14,22420--58-1238 on request
K0729.214mild steelD16,52824,8---8,2--53 on request
K0729.216mild steelD193026--6,29,3-1673 on request
K0729.220mild steelD23,23631--7,511,6-20117 on request
K0729.224mild steelD284437--9,515-24168 on request
K0729.230mild steelD355649--1218,9-30269 on request
K0729.236mild steelD426860--1523,3-36394 on request
K0729.242mild steelD497870--1828,3-42542 on request
K0729.248mild steelD569282--2235,2-48714 on request
K0729.256mild steelD6510392--2539,7-56960 on request
K0729.264mild steelD75120110--3046,5-641269 on request
K0729.0206stainless steelD7,11211--2,84-66 on request
K0729.0208stainless steelD9,61714,5--3,55,6-812 on request
K0729.0210stainless steelD122118,5--4,26,3-1016 on request
K0729.0212stainless steelD14,22420--58-1224 on request
K0729.0216stainless steelD193026--6,29,3-1645 on request
K0729.0220stainless steelD23,23631--7,511,6-2071 on request
K0729.0224stainless steelD284437--9,515-24105 on request
K0729.0230stainless steelD355649--1218,9-30191 on request
K0729.0236stainless steelD426860---23,3--- on request
K0729.0242stainless steelD497870---28,3--- on request
K0729.0248stainless steelD569282---35,2--- on request
K0729.305carbon steelG6159,25--2,53,5-56,5 on request
K0729.306carbon steelG7,11711--45,2-69 on request
K0729.308carbon steelG9,62414,5--56,8-817 on request
K0729.310carbon steelG123018,5--57,1-1026 on request
K0729.312carbon steelG14,23620--69-1238 on request
K0729.314carbon steelG16,54024,8--68,6-1453 on request
K0729.316carbon steelG194426--710,1-1673 on request
K0729.320carbon steelG23,25031--812-20117 on request
K0729.324carbon steelG286037--1015,5-24168 on request
K0729.330carbon steelG356849--1218,7-30269 on request
K0729.336carbon steelG428060--1220,3-36394 on request
K0729.0306stainless steelG7,11711--45,2-66 on request
K0729.0308stainless steelG9,62414,5--56,8-812 on request
K0729.0310stainless steelG123018,5--57,1-1016 on request
K0729.0312stainless steelG14,23620--69-1224 on request
K0729.0316stainless steelG194426--710,1-1645 on request
K0729.0320stainless steelG23,25031--812-2071 on request
K0729.0324stainless steelG286037--1015,5-24105 on request
K0729.0330stainless steelG356849--1218,7-30191 on request
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