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DescriptionMaterial:Housing thick steel plate.
Wheels high-quality PA 6
Version:Housing press formed.
Swivel caster housing with strong fork and base plate, very robust center pin bolted and secured. The swivel head is additionally reinforced with specially formed and hardened bearing shells.
Note:The hardened bearing shells make these casters particularly shock and impact proof. The wheels have high abrasion resistance. Wheel axle bolted.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

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 Datasheet K1772_L Swivel casters 252 kB


Swivel casters
Swivel casters

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Order No.ItemVersion 1Wheel
K1772.07532Swivel casterwithout locking systemplain bearing453260-857591181008082,5300 106.96 $ (USD)
K1772.075323Swivel casterwithout locking systemball bearing453260-857591181008082,5300 171.43 $ (USD)
K1772.10037Swivel casterwithout locking systemplain bearing453760-8510091401008095500 130.54 $ (USD)
K1772.100373Swivel casterwithout locking systemball bearing453760-8510091401008095500 189.49 $ (USD)
K1772.12540Swivel casterwithout locking systemplain bearing454060-85125916510080107,5700 156.21 $ (USD)
K1772.125403Swivel casterwithout locking systemball bearing454060-85125916510080107,5700 221.72 $ (USD)
K1772.15050Swivel casterwithout locking systemplain bearing6550807511015011197140105140800 192.33 $ (USD)
K1772.150503Swivel casterwithout locking systemball bearing6550807511015011197140105140800 243.99 $ (USD)
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