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NOVOnox hygienic

NOVOnox hygienic

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Stainless steel range in Hygienic DESIGN and Hygienic USIT®
NOVOnox stainless steel products prevent bacterial contamination and dirt buildup via a highly polished finish. Surface roughness of less than Ra 0.8 µm means that bacteria and dirt particles are too large to adhere and can be easily washed off. The Hygienic USIT® series features a range of sealing washers to prevent contamination under bolt heads, nuts, and knobs. Applications include foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries. The USIT sealing system is EHEDG certified, and FDA-approved materials are used.

The diverse range of products is designed reduce the risk of contamination and make the fabrication and assembly of processing more efficient. Designed by KIPP in Germany, with North American stock in Michigan for quick and consistent delivery.
  • Hygienic DESIGN – The new standard
  • Hygienic USIT® – The innovation in the processing industry
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NOVOnox hygienic

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