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Steel telescopic slides for side mounting, over-extension, load capacity up to 70 kg

Steel telescopic slides for side mounting, over-extension, load...

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DescriptionMaterial:Slides steel.
Ball cages steel.
Balls, steel.
Version:Slides electro zinc-plated.
Ball cages, electro zinc-plated.
Balls hardened.
Order information:Sold in pairs.
Fastening material included.
Note:On telescopic slides with over-extension, the travel is greater than the installed length. Latches in open position. When the release lever is actuated, the drawer can be taken out easily and separated from the guide.
The dynamic load capacity of the telescopic slides indicates the maximum load rating of a vertically mounted slide pair when the entire extension length is used. The load capacities specified refer to the maximum value for 10,000 cycles.

The load capacity is ca. 75% lower by horizontal mounting.

The head height of the fastening screws should not exceed 2.5 mm otherwise there is a risk of collision with other parts of the slide.
Temperature range:-20°C to +110°C.Benefits:Latches in open position
Quick frontal release
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K1713 Steel telescopic slides for side mounting, over-extension, load capacity up to 70 kg 154 kB
 Technical information for telescopic slides 348 kB
 Overview of items telescopic slides 37,1 kB


Steel telescopic slides for side mounting, over-extension, load capacity up to 70 kg

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AssemblyProduct typeLoading
per pair
Packaging typeCADAcc.PriceOrder
K1713.0305side mountingstandard701 piece = 1 pair 191.93 $ (USD)
K1713.0356side mountingstandard681 piece = 1 pair 201.49 $ (USD)
K1713.0406side mountingstandard651 piece = 1 pair 216.57 $ (USD)
K1713.0457side mountingstandard621 piece = 1 pair 232.36 $ (USD)
K1713.0508side mountingstandard571 piece = 1 pair 247.13 $ (USD)
K1713.0559side mountingstandard521 piece = 1 pair 263.34 $ (USD)
K1713.0610side mountingstandard461 piece = 1 pair 278.64 $ (USD)
K1713.0660side mountingstandard411 piece = 1 pair 291.64 $ (USD)
K1713.0711side mountingstandard361 piece = 1 pair 297.46 $ (USD)
Order No.A

K1713.030515,9-260,3273---19,135,3327305 191.93 $ (USD)
K1713.035615,9-311,1323,8--298,419,135,3378356 201.49 $ (USD)
K1713.040615,9250,8361,9374,6--349,219,135,3429406 216.57 $ (USD)
K1713.045715,9301,6412,7425,4212,7-40019,135,3479,5457 232.36 $ (USD)
K1713.050815,9352,4463,5476,2238,1365,2450,819,135,3530,5508 247.13 $ (USD)
K1713.055915,9403,2514,3527263,5415,9501,619,135,3581559 263.34 $ (USD)
K1713.061015,9454565,1577,8288,9466,7552,419,135,3632610 278.64 $ (USD)
K1713.066015,9504,8615,9628,6314,3517,7603,219,135,3683660 291.64 $ (USD)
K1713.071115,9555,6666,7679,4339,7568,365419,135,3733,5711 297.46 $ (USD)
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