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Locating cylinders K1738 & Locating adapters K1740, K1741
NOVOnox hygienic indexing plungers
Indexing Plungers - Comparison of actuation types
In-frame hinges
Hinges with locking lever
Indexing plunger with cam lever
Hinges with detent
FEATUREgrip Indexing plungers with status sensor

Snap locks, plastic with grip, snap-in

Snap locks, plastic with grip, folding

Centring clamps with ball or hexagon segments
FEATUREgrip spring plungers with status sensor
Stainless steel toggle clamp with force sensor
Star grips with quick-clamp function

Snap locks, plastic with rotary knob

Profile connectors
Push button latches
Levelling sets with locknut

Ball locking bolts self-locking

Spring plungers

Toggle clamps KIPP lock+

Clamping levers flat

Locking bolts for thin-walled parts

Premium indexing plungers

Steel mandrel collets with cam lever

Star grip with retaining strip

"actima" clamping device

5-Axis Vice KIPPflexX

Eccentric quick lock

Adjustable levers

Stop latch product video

Stop latch

Clamping lever ECO

Adjustable Cam Lever

Clamping lever with thrust pin

Levelling sets

LONG-LOK thread lock

Stainless steel toggle clamp with force sensor

Lateral spring plungers

Clamping pin

Indexing plunger, pneumatic

Indexing plungers with remote actuation

Ball lock pins with headend lock

Pull handles heat-resistant

Oil level gauges

Ball lock pins with mushroom grip, self-locking, adjustable

Indexing plungers with rotation locky

Tension levers safety

Pull handles oval detachable

Thrust screws with point

Clamping force intensifiers

Handwheels with safety cylinder grip

Eccentric clamp modules

Compression latches

Threaded inserts self-tapping with cutting slot

MEDI grip

Tubular handles adjustable

Quarter-turn clamp locks

KIPP 5-axis compact clamping system

Ratchet elements

Indexing plungers with lock

Locating cylinder with quick clamping system

Thrust screws stainless steel

Clamping grips ergonomic

Locking pins with folding latch

NOVOnox hygienic

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